Artificial Intelligence (AI) has evolved into a new era of machine learning and intelligence. AI integration in business is advancing at a rapid rate from applications with algorithms that learn from the user interaction to robots that converse with humans.

SRA understands that it is essential for organizations to incorporate AI into their technology, applications, and business functions to sustain and increase their future success. The development of intelligent systems that have the capability to learn and adapt will be a key component of future technology. Organizations wishing to be industry leaders must explore the integration of AI technology with current business functions.

Typical AI Roles That We Recruit:

Lead DevelopersAI DeveloperData ScientistsSoftware EngineersData EngineerSolutions ArchitectsSLAM EngineersData ArchitectsStrategy & Solutions ManagersData ModelersAnalytics ArchitectRobotics Engineering SpecialistsRobotics & Controls Specialist

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