How to Make Your Paper Longer

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Majority students always find themselves trapped in a situation where they are unable to meet the required page limit for their essays. However, some, fortunately, know how to get themselves out of such a situation by applying some of the commonly used tricks such as increasing the font size, manipulating the spacing between lines and using a lengthy header among others. Some students do get penalized because of such actions hence end up getting low marks which eventually result in poor grades.

It is easy to meet or beat the page limit to some essays while it is difficult on other essays. Such a situation makes some students give up while others are desperate and try hard to complete their articles. This may be due to short deadlines or they do not want to get bad grades. There are various ways you can make your paper longer hence get to beat the page limit and not worry about getting bad grades due to a penalty. Below are some tips suggested by essaywritingservice writers  you need to put into consideration if you want to make your paper longer.

Avoid applying commonly used tricks

Many students believe that applying the commonly used tricks in their articles enables them to overcome the pressure of meeting or beating the page limit. However, little do they know that their instructors or professors know about it and can easily spot them in their papers. Avoid using obvious tricks as they lead to poor grades. Try focusing on the content of your article rather.

Cite a few sources

Adding a few sources to your paper can help you beat the page count. If you have written a good essay, it will not be hard for you to find some examples to support your thesis. However, you need to cautious when citing your sources. Cite them accurately and use the correct format.

Embrace the use of examples

The audience finds it hard to understand your essay when you merely provide statements. Using examples in your arguments, paragraph or ideas can help increase the length of your article. The reader(s) can easily comprehend what you are trying to convey through the use of examples instead of averring a statement.

Check the format of your paragraphs

Ensure the paragraphs of your essay begin with a topic sentence, they have a supporting evidence and a transitional sentence. This can help you add any information you might have forgotten to include while writing the paper.

Try to contradict your thesis statement
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You may have provided reasons and supporting evidence to show your stance or position on the topic. However, you also need to consider what the reader(s) who oppose your stance may be thinking. You can contradict your thesis statement and provide counterarguments in your essay. Incorporating counterarguments in an essay also helps increase the length of your article.

Ensure your paper structure is solid

The structure of an essay encompasses an introduction, a thesis statement, the body, and a conclusion. You need to ensure that you have a strong introduction, which grabs the attention of the audience, a strong thesis, which enables you to develop concrete body paragraphs and a strong conclusion which leaves the audience convinced or enlightens them of something new. This will definitely help you increase the length of your paper thus get to bat the page count.

In conclusion, writing an essay and ensuring it meets the age limit is a challenging task for many students. Some opt to apply the commonly used tricks forgetting that their professors might know about it. There are various ways which are discussed above, you can use to make your paper longer without worrying bout getting poor results.

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