The SRA Staffing Story

22 years of remarkable work

committed to providing our customers with exceptional service.

Our story began in 2002 when the founder started the company from a basement. We started as a family business and continue to operate as one with more than 90 employees with remarkable commitment and passion. SRA has grown into a leading Canadian IT staffing agency and expanded across Canada, the U.S., and India. SRA Staffing is built on the passion of our employees and the trust of our candidates and clients for the best job recruitment and staffing from our dedicated recruitment specialists.

SRA Staffing


The SRA Staffing


SRA Values

The fundamentals and values that guide us, we keep them close to our hearts and act on them.

At SRA, we maintain the highest standards of honesty and conduct. We honour our dedication and responsibility in our relationship with our clients and candidates.
To be successful is to be reliable. We push ourselves for our clients’ success and our candidates’ full potential by providing quality and smooth processes.
The hiring process is collaborative work. We work with our clients and our candidates to ensure that expectations are met in their endeavour to create and fulfill opportunities.

We exceed quality by bringing our passion and pride to our work. We take the highest interest in what our clients need and what candidates do.

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